Health insurance in the United States in 2021: cost, types, pros and cons of registration

Medicine and Healthcare in the United States What is the level of development of medicine in America? Whether there is free medical care in the United States and who can get it in 2019. Today, medicine in the United States is ahead of many modern countries in terms of quality. The health care reform in the United States, carried out by Barack Obama after taking office as president in 2009, makes medicine relatively free. However, it is free only for the poor (annual income less than $ 10,000) and for pensioners.
The facade of the building of the St. Francis Clinic located in New York The health care system of this country is a rather complex structure for the understanding of the Russian person. In this article, we will analyze its main nuances. For whom it is free, and for whom it is paid In fact, absolutely free medical care can be provided to pensioners and the poor, and only if they are citizens of the country or holders of a Green Card and regularly pay taxes. For everyone else, medicine in this country is relatively free, that is, in fact, you do not pay doctors directly for the service, but you pay for mandatory health insurance every year. The percentage of different health insurance policies that Americans use Insurance is mandatory under US law. Without insurance, the doctor can examine you, advise you, but will not have the right to issue a prescription, that is, you will not be able to buy the necessary medicines. In pharmacies in America, almost all medicines are sold exclusively by prescription. In order to get the coveted prescription, you will either need to pay the doctor about $ 50-100 (depending on the state), or take out health insurance. Without insurance, you can only get emergency medical care for free, but, as a rule, if there is no direct threat to life, then this is not considered an emergency in local medicine. If you are a tourist, then you need to have a fairly large amount of money for medical expenses, if necessary. It is also advisable to take out medical insurance in your country in order to get first aid in case of an emergency. Example of an insurance policy for a trip to the United States How much will the service cost? Today, the United States leads in the number of medical expenses. The average cost per citizen per year is more than $ 7,000, but about 90% of this amount is covered by insurance. Since the Ministry of Health takes huge funds from the state treasury for the development and improvement of the quality and level of medicine in the country as a whole, the United States occupies a leading position in this area. Also, the Ministry of Health pays great attention to the development of science in its industry, which is why there are so many Americans among those who have received the Nobel Prize in Medicine. Today, the Institute of Health of America allocates the main amount of expenses under the following categories:: The right to receive free first aid for citizens and guests of the country. The Institute of Health officially establishes the right to first aid for any person who is on the territory of the country (even illegally). Everyone living or temporarily staying in the United States is entitled to qualified medical care (paid or covered by health insurance, except in urgent cases). The Department of Health devotes a huge amount of money to the promotion of medical sciences, since all the most advanced innovations in this field always appear in the United States. The Medical Institute is constantly introducing new methods of treatment and equipment to hospitals in all States, and the Ministry of Health also allocates huge funds for this. Training of new personnel. A lot of money is also allocated from the state treasury for this case. If you decide to work as a doctor, then you should be taught everything you need for free. If you need to be fully protected and know that help will arrive at any time you want, then it is most profitable for you to take out medical insurance. The American health care system provides that you will pay about $ 700-1000 per year (based on the national average), but you can pay less – about$ 300-500 per year. If you think that you can do without insurance, prepare for each trip to the doctor (if this is not an easy consultation) about $ 50-100. Why are medical expenses so high? Because the State Department of Health believes that every citizen of the country should be provided with high-quality medical care. Also, the Institute of Health does not forget about those who provide these services. Waiting room and waiting room at an American hospital The salaries of all employees in this field are very high, and the personnel are trained almost free of charge. Is medicine so good in America US medicine is slightly behind, for example, the level of medical care in Germany. Today, America's health care system is steadily improving, and the cost of improving it is growing. A big role in this is played by some competition between countries with a developed health institute (France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States). In a certain sense of the word, our domestic medicine also competes with overseas medicine, since a huge number of complex operations are successfully performed in Russia, and the medical staff of many Russian hospitals are highly qualified. Why, then, does Russian medicine lag behind the medicine of the United States and the entire Western world as a whole? Table of comparison of doctor's salaries in America with other specialties This is due to many factors, the main of which are corruption, difficult living conditions (especially if we are talking about small villages), and the local mentality. In Russian hospitals, there are very long queues, which is not common in the United States. Hospitals and hospitals can not boast of high-quality equipment and repairs, and the salaries of medical workers are still very meager. However, our Ministry of Health is trying to fight this in every possible way. Based on all of the above, the following pros and cons can be noted in US medicine. Positive: Fast service in hospitals. In very rare cases, you will have to wait in line to see a doctor for more than an hour. Performing an operation in an American hospital Medicine in the United States is not free for everyone. If we rely on the reform in the health care system in 2009, then we can conclude that pensioners, the poor, and the disabled can receive high-quality medical care free of charge. Everyone else will either have to pay for insurance for the year, or each visit to the doctor separately. To buy the right medicine (with the exception of bandages and some ointments), you need to get a prescription from your doctor. Every citizen passes a mandatory full medical examination once a year. Otherwise, you may start to have serious problems, up to and including getting fired from your job (provided that you work with a large number of people). The US health care system is showing excellent results. Everything has its pros and cons, but the cons in the medicine of this country are quite insignificant compared to the pros. Is it possible to get free medical care Only if you need urgent medical care or if you fit the parameters of the 2009 reform. In the first case, after calling the ambulance, a doctor will come to you and provide first aid (if you really need help), then you can continue treatment in the hospital. In order to receive free medical care under the rules of the reform, it is necessary to overcome serious difficulties, since only pensioners, the disabled (disabled) and the poor have such a right. If you are a disabled person or a pensioner, you are very likely to be denied citizenship or a Green Card. It is also not possible to become poor, since you will hardly make ends meet. Free medical care for pensioners You can expect certain benefits provided that you work or have worked in medical institutions (in the United States) or have served in the US Army. You can also count on benefits if you are parents with many children or raise children alone. Working as a doctor A small digression from the main topic. As already mentioned above – in the States, medical personnel are very popular. Medical workers in this country receive large salaries and certain benefits, and they can also receive free education in their specialty before applying for a job as a doctor. To begin with, you can get a job as a nurse or nurse, in order to subsequently provide yourself with a good income and, possibly, growth on the career ladder. However, since the work is very prestigious and highly paid, it is very difficult to get a good position right away, especially for an emigrant from a foreign country. So, what do you need to get a job in the medical industry: Knowledge of English at least at a conversational level. Otherwise, your candidacy will not be considered. A competent resume that briefly describes your life. You should definitely mention your education and whether you have a criminal record in your country. When you talk to your employer, be sure to explain in detail and clearly why you are worthy of this position. Don't forget about the American mentality. Never raise your voice and do not be rude to the employer, try not to say unnecessary details about yourself that are not relevant to the subject of conversation. You should not aim for important positions, at best, try to become some kind of assistant or deputy. Go back to the table of contents What is the responsibility of doctors? All American doctors work with patients according to one main rule – the patient must be cured at all costs.


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